Monaco Bound

Hello from Monaco! After spending a couple of days in Cannes and Nice, we decide to make a stop in the this cute place!
Monaco did make me want to try a vintage elegant look, as you can see in pictures. Usually, I don’t wear scarf in my head, but I just wanted to embody my inner Grace Kelly. Not without troubles since I was looking more like an old soviet babooshka than anything else at first.. 😂
Yet, I was so inspired by this great era when celebrities like Grace but also Audrey Hepburn wear it with great style. Even if I am aware that nowadays scarfs are not as popular, I think they are still very useful. They have been worn for many centuries, as a way to keep hair-dos intact, to keep the head warm.. Plus, they instantly add a glamorous or casual touch to any look, if you know how to tie them well which is definitely not the easiest part..
We lunch at the hotel de Paris, visit the old Monaco, the palace and then enjoy a incredible panoramic view from the exotic garden. I took soooo many pictures, I wanted to Instagram all because everything was photogenic : the streets, the restaurants, beaches..
I highly suggest you guys to discover Monaco if you ever have the opportunity. It’s a fun place to see. Anyway I don’t recommend to stay there for too long since it’s a very small place and there is not that much to do after some time, you will probably get bored easily.. Plus it’s expensive! Yet, for a romantic week end or enjoy the beach and restaurants with your friends for a couple of days, it’s charming and extravagant!
Besides you can enjoy this Instagram Diary, and my summer trips on my Instagram (@lucillebefort).

Hope you will like it!

Subtle sophistication

Hey everyone!!

Today the look from this post is all about sophistication, romantic and edgy!

I started around with one classic piece, a timeless suit grey jacket, and build up my look around it with a total black outfit. (once again I know!) but I love black so much and it goes with everything! Then, I choose a suit trousers and a fluid top because I just liked how it was effortlessly comfortable, yet it gives a contemporary feminine touch to my outfit.

To make it a little more special I add jewelry to it: necklace, ring & big earrings. And of course shoes, here the Valentino Rockstuds, to give a subtle pink pastel shade really ties everything together. I am soon going to be doing a road trip to South of France and will have so many things to show you, so stay tuned!