x Graf Paris

Here it is!! Finally I am so happy to share with you my latest collaboration with Graf Paris. François-Joseph Graf is a fervent defender of french craftsmanship, which he has used with exemplary loyalty in each of his activities for over thirty years. Graf’s idea of pure luxury: an original, unique creation, made with time and experience by a craftsman with a wealth of know-how, pure technique and talented skills. The imprint that this leaves behind turns an exemplary object into an outstanding luxury, unlike any other. That’s probably what I like the most about Graf’s concept, the fact that each creation is completely unique. I had the most perfect day on their charming salon Avenue Montaigne. Special thanks to Catherine Jacuzzi and all the Graf team for their warm welcome, and of course Julian!! Everything was so interesting and professional and I’m so glad that I had the chance to enter the world of Graf. It was so fun playing with the different handbags and accessories, especially during summer when you are in the mood to try something new! We created few different looks. Which one you like the most?

DSC_6744DSC_6828 DSC_6813 DSC_6815 DSC_6998

I was wearing:

Zara Dress

Graf Handbags

Louboutin 14cm

An Adventure Through Bali

Hello from sunny Paris! I just come back yesterday from Bali after two weeks of adventures. I have to say that it has been super intense and unfortunately I didn’t have much time to write anything from there. Yet, I’m back with useful tips and a cool Top 5 of the best things to do in Bali. 

1. Enjoy a gorgeous sunset from the Uluwatu Temple (Water Temple)

My favorite evening lookout spots is this cliff-side temple called Uluwatu Temple or also Water Temple. The view from there is simply incredible. Besides the nature is beautiful, preserved and wild. A must do! (don’t miss an evening kecak dance there for a traditional experience)IMG_1176IMG_1145

2. Meeting with Ketut Liyer from Eat Pray and Love

This was something I wanted to do since a long time. When I first came in Bali five years ago I didn’t have the opportunity to meet him. Indeed, who is Ketut Liyer? For those of you who don’t know him, he’s a 9th generation healer in Bali who was featured in the movie Eat Pray and Love with Julia Roberts. He is approximately 100 years old. Many people don’t know that he was already well known before both popular book and movie. When we arrived at his house, I saw his son who is now doing the consultations since Ketut can’t anymore, he is sick from Alzheimer. Yet, I was able to talk to him for several minutes. Definitely something to do if you want a beautiful human experience, either it’s with Ketut or another balinese healer!


3. Down to Earth, Vegetarian Restaurant 

It’s sometimes a real challenge to eat good and healthy food as you travel, specially if like me you have a strict diet and can’t eat everything. As a vegetarian I was so happy to find this place and I really recommend it to all the vegetarians out here! The food is just delicious, organic and healthy. The atmosphere is also great. Absolutely necessary!


4. Trip along the river

If you want something beyond the beaten track, this expedition is for you. The place is not even indicated in any maps since it’s a secret location far from everything. No tourists at all and the promise of a total and unique immersion.

(For inquiries or specific demands email me at : lucillebefort.work@gmail.com)


5. And last but not least, the Bali Tower!

An oasis of peace in the middle of the West Bali National Park. It’s not rare to meet various animals like deers, monkeys… Perfect for an eco-retreat! Coral cliffs and marine life will help you understand why this part of Bali is mythical, this is ocean-life at its absolute best.

IMG_1395 IMG_1382