The Modern Parisienne

If we should describe The Parisienne style it would definitely be “less is more”.

Indeed, the essence of Parisian women’s look is their simplicity. The Parisienne always looks effortlessly feminine and chic, so as to give the impression that she woke up like this (and we can hate her for that) yet it doesn’t mean that the look has not been studied and thought through. Get the basic elements, and no need for much more superfluous artifice here!

French people have the reputation for wearing a lot of black (which is probably true) but it’s not because we are not happy, at the contrary! Black is representing the color of elegance and sophistication, of endless nights in the City of Lights…

To make this all black style more special, I paired it with a long pearl necklace and pearl ring, big red earrings that really pops and a navy blue hat. This look was inspired by my personal vision of the Modern Parisienne. 


I was wearing:

Sandro Jacket

Wolford Tights

Zara Hat & Skirt

Les Petites Shirt

Louboutin Simple Pump Vernis 100mm

Chanel Boy Bag

Credits of the pictures to my talented friend Julian Zhang.

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