Reasons Why You Need Yoga in Your Life

The various health benefits of yoga continue to be more and more widely known. Many of us would like to stay active and fit, but are not certain concerning which activity would correspond to us best.

Keili is a certified yoga teacher and the president of the AUP Yoga Club. She is passionate about helping people feeling more relax and confident in their lives. Keili accepted to share with us some crucial information about the practice of yoga.



What personal benefits do you get from yoga? (Health, sleeping better, feeling more relaxed?)

Yoga is beneficial on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. Each type of yoga concentrates on one or more of these human traits. In Vinyasa and Hatha yoga, the Uddiyana Bandha (abdominal core lock) is employed throughout the sequence, which strengthens the core. Kundilini Yoga, however, is more meditative in the sense where its mantras and breathing techniques, teach you how to quiet the mind, adopt a more positive outlook on life, and treat yourself with love.



Do I have to be vegetarian to practice yoga?

Traditionally, one of the ethical rules or, Yamas of Hinduism, and yoga, is Ahimsa (compassion for all living things). That being said, most of the yoga we practice in the U.S or in Europe is extremely westernized. In the west “do what benefits you” is the mantra and the practice of yoga is guided towards self-pleasure. If one feels guilty about being a meat lover (like myself), they may try to opt for an organic or free range option. At least the animal isn’t stuffed in a small space and forced to eat things its body can’t properly digest.

I’m not flexible can I do yoga?

One of the major benefits of yoga is attaining flexibility, mostly of the spine and hamstrings. Therefore, if you’re not flexible, you should absolutely do yoga. In my experience, heated yoga is the best for flexibility because it warms up your muscles. It also allows one to stretch further than normal. However one must be mindful of the body and not over exert it, particularly on backbends and poses that put stress on knees.



How many times per week should I practice? 

As a student, aim to practice at least three times a week. Add a 5-minute yoga warm up and cool down to your workout, in order to avoid an injury. When stressed, find a quiet place to do some breathing exercises. When on the metro, meditate or practice locking the core. Yoga can be practiced anywhere, anytime. If this sounds too overwhelming, start with committing to one class a week and go from there.



How is yoga different from other kinds of fitness?

In some ways, yoga embraces fitness completely. Due to westernization of yoga, there are power flows that highlight fitness as well as yoga. Generally, yoga focuses more on controlling the breath while the body is still. This may sound easy, but it is quite the opposite. Try holding a squat with your heels lifted and your arms extended upwards for 20 seconds while breathing steadily through your nose.

That being said, yoga differs from other forms of fitness because it goes far beyond the physical. It encourages you to live a selfless lifestyle that brings happiness to others as well as yourself. It helps you allow yourself to let go of the thoughts, emotions, people, and situations that do not benefit you, through forgiveness, acceptance, and gratitude. It also causes you to connect with people. After every class I massages to the students, and infuse the room with essential oils, pretty much the norm for yoga classes nowadays. Many Ohm meditations are done with everyone sitting in a circle, touching knees and interlacing arms. If that experience doesn’t spark an epiphany that we are all just humans on the same planet, born to love, I don’t know what will.



What do I need to begin?

Yourself… and water. Most yoga studios provide mats to practice on and blocks and straps to get deeper into poses. Studios that offer power yoga typically have a rack of weights.
However, its good to remember that throughout the day and the following day, to keep well hydrated. Bring a small towel to heated classes to wipe off sweat and retain grip in balancing postures. Try not to eat two hours before a class, all the bending and stretching can make you queasy. Personally, I prefer practicing yoga on an empty stomach because of the deepening into stretches, but make sure that you are eating something with sustenance, like a least piece of fruit or some nuts.

Roman Holidays

Are you planning to visit the Italian capital? Eat antipasti, pasta, pizza and gelato all day long? Then this article is for you! Here is my personal guide to Rome!


Where to eat?


A beautiful hidden gem with the setting of an Italian grocery store and a very nice atmosphere. Pasta are remarkable. The cool part? Best known from Italians than from tourists.. Buon appetito!



 What to see?

There are so many things to see, the city is like an open-air museum. Although if you are there only for the week end, there are some must-do! Let’s get started!


Fontana de Trevi









Where to stay/ What to do at night?

Dom Hotel Roma 

When in Rome, do as the Romans do! They often choose this elegant bar with a nightclub to gather for a great cocktail with friends and family. Come early since the place gets easily crowded. The plus? The bar is also a restaurant and an hotel. The perfect combination for those who are looking for a chic place to stay in Rome.



Your Italian songs playlist… 

Okay, this is going to be very cliché.. But I love all those Italian songs, and listening music is part of getting into the culture right? So here we go:

La Solitudine – Laura Pausini

Vivo per lei – Helene Segara & Andrea Boccelli 

Funiculi Funicula – Luciano Pavarotti 

Oi Vita – Canzoni Napoletane


Buon viaggio! xx




Falling In Love With Fall

As some of you might know, I’m totally in love with fall. It’s by far my favorite season: the chance to wear coats, gloves, high boots and take long strolls through the city.. The Parisian fashion photographer Marc Bonomelli captured the mood perfectly a fresh morning in the Colonnes de Buren.

Let me know what you think about my outfit choice!


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IMG_4339 IMG_4291

Guide to Healthy Food & Vegan/Vegetarian Diets

Your body is a temple, not a trash can.

Everyone knows that “vegan” foods are far healthier than animal products. But what exactly are “vegan” products? We see them everywhere since a few years now; from our Instagram feed to our Facebook timeline, yet is it simply a trend or a real lifestyle? Here is a guide to know everything about it!

The vegan diet consists of fruits, veggies, beans, whole grains and other wholesome plant-based foods. These products are considered cholesterol-free, low in saturated fat and calories, high in fiber and cancer-fighting antioxidants. Indeed, more and more people are choosing vegan as a lifestyle.


I decided last year to stop eating meat, fish and other animal products. This choice was motivated by the fact that animal protein is really hard to digest, it’s hard on the environment, on the animals, and on your conscience. For your health, for animals and for the environment veganism is the best option. If you want to learn more about it, I really recommend the documentary Cowspiracy by Kip Andersen, it’s about discovering how intensive livestock is destroying our environment and killing our planet without any reactions from our governments and environmental activists.


I was inspired to write this article because I get asked a lot of questions when I say to people that I don’t eat any animals. They don’t usually understand where I can get my proteins from and other essentials nutriments. Yet, the good news is that there is nothing to worry about since a lot of “vegan” foods are packed with proteins and other amazing benefits!

You may have just learned yesterday, that processed meat such as bacon, sausage and ham cause cancer according to a new World Health Organization report. Or that cheese and sugar can be as addictive as a drug. But, you will probably ask now, if we can’t eat that what should we eat..?


When going on a vegan lifestyle you should know that it is so important to make sure to keep enough enzymes, vitamins, minerals and proteins in your diet. Here are some of my favorite:

-Green juices: They are more and more popular, easy to made at home and packed with goodness.

-Superfoods: are nutritional powerhouses that help build bones, prevent chronic diseases, improve your eyesight, and even keep your mind sharp, such as goji berries, chia seeds, mulberries.. They can be include to most of your dishes.

-Plant-based proteins: lentils, quinoa, spirulina, seeds, nuts and beans are your new best friend.


I hope this article was helpful in order to get more informations about healthy food that are good for you and for the animals. Please don’t hesitate to share your own experience on vegan/vegetarian transformation lifestyle!


48 Hours in St Petersburg: Useful travel guide for a week end in the city

Ready to discover the second largest city in Russia between history and modernity?

48 hours are such a short time if you consider all the things the city has to offer. Yet, one original week end can also be a lot of fun. Enjoy!


Start the morning right with a good breakfast at счастье, literally “happiness” in Russian. There are several in St Petersburg, yet the one in Nevsky Prospect, the main street, is very central and delicious. Definitely my favorite café! Perfect place for dreamers where you can take a picture with angels wings and believe you can fly…


Walk through the city and take a time to admire both St. Isaac’s Cathedral State Museum-Memorial and the Cathedral of Spilled Blood: simply magnificent, bordered by an arm of the Neva. It is as beautiful outside & inside. All the churches and cathedrals of St Petersburg are an essential thing to do.

Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood, St Petersburg 7199421

The inevitable Hermitage Museum, a real moment of happiness for the amateurs of Art & History. It is huge! Take the time to appreciate all this wealth, furnitures, paintings, tapestries, chandeliers and other. Absolutely spectacular. Probably one of the most beautiful museum in the world, if not the one.


Favorite Restaurants

-Tsar, also centrally located near the main street of Saint Petersburg. The decoration of the restaurant is beautiful just like many monuments of St. Petersburg. You will be introduced to the diverse and typical Russian food including soups, pancakes and pelmenis. The toilets needs to be visited for their special atmosphere! Russian music is appreciable too.

ул. Садовая, д. 12

-Paradise, the restaurant is right next to the Church of Spilled Blood. It is made in old stone arches with a beautiful vault but contrasting with the light and modern equipment. Cool sound, friendly staff and tasty international food: we loved it!

Конюшенная площадь, д. 2, 191186


Get a drink!

Cocktail bars, jazz clubs, speakeasies, undergrounds spots, hotel bars, good addresses are not lacking for a drink after dark.

Our personal favorites:

-The Hat Bar ( Belinskogo ul 9), unpretentious jazz club who became one of the place to be in St Petersburg.

-Fish Fabrique ( Ligovsky pr 53) : THE underground and bohemian bar where you will be able to meet people more easily with a community friendly towards “Westerners”.


Discover India: an authentic journey

India is a complicated and beautiful country: a land of contrast and mystery. An Indian journey is hardly impossible to forget, in the good and worse sense..
Many friends said to me, when I announced to them my imminent departure for the country of maharadjah: “How could you want to go to this kind of place? I would be too much afraid to go.”
So why actually choosing this kind of country when you can go for “easier” Western destinations?
Well, I believe traveling is a personal challenge that makes you grow as a better person. Traveling to India has changed a lot in my vision of life. That’s why I decided to share my experience and must-do in India, especially a region that I particularly know well, after several trips: Rajasthan. So let’s get started!



As most of you know, Jewelry is one of Indian’s main business.
Exit old fancy Bollywood jewels and Bazar shops: the industry has become modern and elegant, in ad equation with younger generations needs.

Sanchi & Filia Designs is offering the largest silver showroom of Jaipur. Their jewelry is not something you will keep in a box with your previous vacations souvenirs, that were looking good only in holidays. It is adapted for the young women of today and is definitely worth checking out.


Sanchi Gems & Filia Designs Showroom

Jaipur, Rajasthan, India


“Color is luxury and luxury is color.”

What Indian women would be without their magnificent saris and colorful clothing attire?
Learning from the locals on how to wear it is an authentic experience to do. The address to your happiness is located in Jaipur in Samta Shop. Samta wanted the place to feel like home for her clients, featuring intimacy and quietness. Well, the challenge is complete.



Indian food is tasty, spicy and yummy. Yet, a break for your stomach appears sometimes like a necessity after too much curry and coriander. Anokhi Café is giving you exactly this break much needed. The place have a large choice of organic salads, burgers, pasta and cakes made in a Western style. The best part? Anokhi Shop is located in the same place, the occasion to do a little shopping. Other places gives a peaceful break just a few steps away from the noisy city streets.


Anokhi Cafe

India, KK Square, Prithviraj Rd, Panch Batti, C Scheme, Ashok Nagar, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302001

Bar Palladio 

India, KK Square, Prithviraj Rd, Panch Batti, C Scheme, Ashok Nagar, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302001

How to Dress for a Summer Rainy Day

When we think about summer; it’s generally all about bikinis and feet on the beach. Yet, when you are not traveling into some exotic destinations, the weather can unfortunately surprise you. As for me, in Geneva last week. So here are some tips on how to deal with it!

I don’t recommend you guys to spend 2 hours in the bathroom doing your hair since you will end up looking like a wet dog in no time. Keep things natural, less is more!

About the outfit, it should not be too warm or too light. Keep very delicate things at home, as you don’t want them to be ruined by the weather. I choose to wear a green dress and a long black coat with heels.. Which is probably not the safest way ahah.. If you’re not feeling comfortable wearing heels you can’t go wrong with classics : a pair of ballerinas, or sneakers.. depending on what your style is. No need to say that umbrella is of course necessary!

Rain don’t mean you can’t look stylish! As Audrey Hepburn proves us in this mythic scene of Breakfast at Tiffany’s, or like Blair Waldorf in Gossip Girl.

Thank you for stoping by! xx

audrey-and-cat-in-the-rain audreyintherain 6dc396093c847a9d54c422c7e038534d    

Ultra feminine look 

Hey everyone, I’m back with this quick update! Today I want to share with you one of my favorite looks of a few weeks ago.

I love pastel colored outfit and this was no exception! Pink pastel shade is one of my favorite color to wear because it’s so pretty. Also I believe it instantly adds a feminine touch to your look! Let me know what you think about it!

img_0429-0 img_0427 img_0428 img_0430

I am wearing:

Tshirt Brigitte Bardot Clothes Collection

Pink Jacket Zara

Grey Jeans Topshop

Valentino Rockstuds Shoes

Dior So Real Sunglasses

Chanel Boy Bag

Monaco Bound

Hello from Monaco! After spending a couple of days in Cannes and Nice, we decide to make a stop in the this cute place!
Monaco did make me want to try a vintage elegant look, as you can see in pictures. Usually, I don’t wear scarf in my head, but I just wanted to embody my inner Grace Kelly. Not without troubles since I was looking more like an old soviet babooshka than anything else at first.. 😂
Yet, I was so inspired by this great era when celebrities like Grace but also Audrey Hepburn wear it with great style. Even if I am aware that nowadays scarfs are not as popular, I think they are still very useful. They have been worn for many centuries, as a way to keep hair-dos intact, to keep the head warm.. Plus, they instantly add a glamorous or casual touch to any look, if you know how to tie them well which is definitely not the easiest part..
We lunch at the hotel de Paris, visit the old Monaco, the palace and then enjoy a incredible panoramic view from the exotic garden. I took soooo many pictures, I wanted to Instagram all because everything was photogenic : the streets, the restaurants, beaches..
I highly suggest you guys to discover Monaco if you ever have the opportunity. It’s a fun place to see. Anyway I don’t recommend to stay there for too long since it’s a very small place and there is not that much to do after some time, you will probably get bored easily.. Plus it’s expensive! Yet, for a romantic week end or enjoy the beach and restaurants with your friends for a couple of days, it’s charming and extravagant!
Besides you can enjoy this Instagram Diary, and my summer trips on my Instagram (@lucillebefort).

Hope you will like it!

Subtle sophistication

Hey everyone!!

Today the look from this post is all about sophistication, romantic and edgy!

I started around with one classic piece, a timeless suit grey jacket, and build up my look around it with a total black outfit. (once again I know!) but I love black so much and it goes with everything! Then, I choose a suit trousers and a fluid top because I just liked how it was effortlessly comfortable, yet it gives a contemporary feminine touch to my outfit.

To make it a little more special I add jewelry to it: necklace, ring & big earrings. And of course shoes, here the Valentino Rockstuds, to give a subtle pink pastel shade really ties everything together. I am soon going to be doing a road trip to South of France and will have so many things to show you, so stay tuned!